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 Rpg Restoration: The Plot

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Around the middle of the fourth century ABY (350 ABY), the galaxy was prospering, and the Republic was strong and peaceful. Like any good thing however, corruption began to take place. Senators took to leading families of crime, many attempted coups were put down, and the Jedi and Republic began to bicker, setting the stage for the inevitable events about to unfold and fracture the peace.
Two Jedi Knights became restless, looking for change. Frustrated by both the Jedi and the Republic, the two undertook a mission to overthrow the regime. The two staged a coup, infiltrating the chancellor’s office and assassinating him. Making it look like it was done by the Jedi, the two went under the radar while the Republic Military exiled the Jedi from the Republic , replacing them with the Galactic Police. Guided by the hand of an unknown Sith Lord, the Renegade Jedi were able to make their way into office, becoming the President and Vice-President of the Galactic Republic. Corruption spread rampant, with crime families being led by Senator’s, gang fights in the streets, and political scandals. Corellia, often a main planet in the beginnings and endings of wars, began having political tension with the Republic. Corellia, after being blockaded by the Republic, seceded alongside Bothuwania and many other planets. After they split, the Republic attacked, provoking the Jedi to come to the aid of Corellia. Thus began the war. Many other major and minor systems followed Corellia’s lead, forming the Coalation of Restoration, or CoR, in order to restore the republic to its former glory.
The war covered up the true motives of the leaders of the Republic, as they attacked planet by planet in an effort to find and destroy the Sith Lord, so that they would no longer be under his control. Crime began to take a new face as senators controlled their own crime families, after the Hutts were driven to the point of near-extinction. The Jedi took an active role in the war- the Exiled Jedi Order began to fight alongside CoR against the corrupt Republic and the Sith Lord playing the puppets. Espionage and combat on the front lines changed the face of the war. With the galaxy split in two, anything can happen. This is war. This is Restoration.
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Rpg Restoration: The Plot
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