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 Rpg Restoration: Timeline

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*The Timeline will be updated as years pass*

[345 ABY]- Republic’s power spreads across entire galaxy
[347 ABY]- Crime is at an all time low
[350 ABY]- Republic pays off all debts for the first time in Galactic History
[351 ABY]- Hutts are hunted to the verge of extinction
[352 ABY]- CorSec is restored, Corellia surpasses Coruscant as the wealthiest system
[353 ABY]- Coruscant implements anti-pollution measures
[355 ABY]- New Chancellor elected to office
[357 ABY]- Chancellor comes down with a new disease
[358 ABY]- Many of the Chancellor’s office are plagued
[362 ABY]- Chancellor dies, is succeeded by a former General
[363 ABY]- Work begins on a vaccine
[364 ABY]- A Senator is tried for corruption and found guilty
[365 ABY]-Crime Rates rise as their leader is imprisoned
[367 ABY]- The new Chancellor is arrested for corruption and extortion. Crime Rates continue to rise
[370 ABY]- The Vaccine is completed and distributed to the core planets. It is effective
[371 ABY]- The Jedi are doubted as the galaxy becomes less and less peaceful
[375 ABY]- The Jedi detect a darkness in the force; the vaccine is further distributed, but a new strain develops
[377 ABY]- Peace returns to the galaxy as the RBSI is created. A new chancellor is put in office
[381 ABY]- The Jedi are temporarily cut off from the Republic, however are restored when crime levels rise.
[382 ABY]- The RBSI establishes jurisdiction over all Police Forces
[383 ABY]- A new vaccine is created, however it simply mutates the virus
[384 ABY]- Peace temporarily returns; several senators are sentenced to life for corruption and extortion
[385 ABY]- A terrorist attack in retaliation of imprisonment of the senators on the senate building kills the chancellor and several VIPs, taking the galaxy by shock.
[386 ABY]- A new Chancellor is put in power; Senate building begins to be reconstructed
[387 ABY]- The Chancellor begins negotiating the leave of the Jedi. Several Jedi become frustrated.
[388 ABY]- The Chancellor is assassinated in a coup assumed to be led by Jedi. The Republic declares martial law, and the Jedi are exiled to Ilum. The Grandmaster is arrested for treason and new laws are implemented. The remaining council members die in an attempt to rescue the Grand Master.
[389 ABY]- Two former Jedi Knights come to power as the new President and Vice President of the Republic. The former Jedi Grandmaster is executed for treason.
[390 ABY]- Piracy in the Corellian System leads the planet to be blockaded. Bothuwania and the Hapes cluster smuggle food in.
[391 ABY]- The Republic begins new military research; the Jedi elect a Grand Council.
[392 ABY]- Speciesism is implemented, with Humans and Humanoids being declared the superior species.
[393 ABY]- Martial Law is lifted. Corellians began rebelling. CorSec attacks the blockade. The Republic creates Cipher agents.
[394 ABY]- The Republic unveils a new weapon that can destroy cities, threatening Coronet to cease fire.
[395 ABY]- Korriban is razed and burned by the Republic in an apparent “manhunt.” Suspicions of the existence of a Sith Lord become apparent. The Plague goes dormant.
[396 ABY]- A strike team of Bothan spies and Jedi attack the weapon, destroying it with the cost of many Bothan lives and the lives of the Grand Council.
[397 ABY]- The Battle of Corellia is led by the Prince of Corellia and the Prince of Hapes against the Grand General of the Republic.
[398 ABY]- The alliance drives out the Republic, and a meeting creates the Coalation of Restoration, in order to restore the republic and cleanse it of corruption and darkness.
[399 ABY]- The Republic declares war on CoR; many other planets secede, splitting the galaxy in two. A new grand council is elected.
[400 ABY]- Current Year

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Rpg Restoration: Timeline
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