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 Republic News 7/19

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Republic News 7/19 Empty
PostSubject: Republic News 7/19   Republic News 7/19 EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 12:13 am

Today on the glorious Republic Planet of Taris, a tradgedy occured. 7 Brave officers fell in the line of duty as a Terrorist assossiacted with the Coalation of Reformation blew up an elevator, and killing several civillians while in a cantina. The terrorist was on a suicide bombing mission, and will pose no more threat. Be on the lookout for any suspicious figures, especially of those wearing the grey and red colors of the coalation. If you know anything, please let your local Galactic police station know so that they can take action. This is Jack Rye, Signing off.
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Republic News 7/19
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