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 Faction and Sub faction leaders needed!

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Faction and Sub faction leaders needed! Empty
PostSubject: Faction and Sub faction leaders needed!   Faction and Sub faction leaders needed! EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 10:24 pm

If you have noticed, many sub-factions are left leaderless! Militaries, Agencies, etc. need leaders! The very top of the chain of command may be filled presently, but that is not permanent, and subfaction leaders often rise to take control of an entire faction. We need these leaders! post your bios and take your spots!


The Coalition of Restoration:
Director of CorSec:
Galactic Police:
Republic Military Forces:

5 Openings, one of which is an entirely leaderless faction. Please take your time to fill these positions so rp can be rejuvenated.
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Faction and Sub faction leaders needed!
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