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 Taris Mini Event

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PostSubject: Taris Mini Event   Taris Mini Event EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 7:21 am

We all know of the terrorism that has been striking Taris. Cantinas, Elevators, Hotels, nothing has been safe from the wrath of evil-doers. Once a petty crime boss, Guvar has been touched by the mind of great evil. His thoughts are no longer his own and his plans are always more cunning, more devious. Soon, the final blow will be struck. Thus ends the war on terror. The background fades from cackling rodians in a big utility room. They are sitting around a table with Guvar laughing and drinking.

Perhaps it is worth checking Taris out? Of course, your character doesn't know anything about this stunt... but... They might be interested in investigating? Or perhaps sight-seeing. There are some dare devils out there. Beyond the horrid things, Taris does have a very good market for fuel and supplies. So, even though crime is escalating, it is a relatively safe stop for the weary traveler. Enjoy. Muahahahaha.
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Taris Mini Event
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