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 The Armory

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A soldier may be allowed to carry one primary weapon, and one secondary weapon, as well as one special equipment and two types of explosives. On specialized missions (stealth missions, or missions requiring jetpacks or jumpacks, etc.), they will be allowed to carry the specialized class weaponry ONLY. All soldiers are standardly equipped with a grapple cord and a vibroknife, or possibly a vibroblade.

Primary Weapons:
E-11 Blaster Rifle
Tenloss Disruptor Rifle
Heavy Repeater
Golan Arms Flechette Cannon

Secondary Weapons:
DL-44 Blaster Pistol
Bryar Blaster Pistol

Concussion rifle (Fire every 15 seconds)
Rocket Launcher (Fire every 15 seconds)
Thermal Detonators
Trip Mines
Det packs
Flash Grenades (x3)
Gas Grenades (x3)

Cloaking device
Flamethrower (x3 uses)
Jetpack (x2 uses)
Vibroblade (atk 2, def 2, unless specified)
Climbing gear
E-Web (2 person to use)
Remote drone
Auto turret
Medkit (x4)
Revival Serum (x1, revives a fallen comrade back to 3 deaths, rather than 4 or 5.)

For special missions or where weapons are in short supply, your loadout will be selected for you by your commanding officer.
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The Armory
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