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 Rules (Please read)

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(Generic) Rules of the Community
1. Respect admins and other members
2. Respect member’s bios, don’t take a crap on their bio’s.
3. Respect Admin decisions.

Community Server Rules
1. No “concs” or rockets unless approved. Flame thrower and Grenades are limited to each person.*
1a. Keep gun combat rp’s as realistic in-game as possible (I.E. No bunny hopping, or the like)*
1b. Basically, Cover based gun combat.*
2. No public cybering, keep the rp real. (In other words “Publicly Sexual themes” are disallowed.)*
3. Refrain from using excessive ooc. *
4. Please don’t try to control another person’s role-play or another person’s character.*
5. If a person is trying to roleplay, please do not FFA or lame.*
6. Avoid the urge of “tele-fragging”. *
7. Profanities in roleplay are allowed as long as they're withing the limits of those that have been used in the star wars realm. Not based off of what other's have roleplayed in SW's games.
8. No metagaming. Metagaming is using knowledge not gained in character.
9. No trolling or powergaming, please. *
10. For impersonating another character there must be consent between the two role-players who own the impersonator and "impersonatee" characters. As well, if you both consent, please do not mock, or insult the other person or the idea of their character.

Community Biography Rules
1. Canonical species only.
2. Please no mutants, or force zombies.
3. Hybrids are allowed if they are realistic and make sense.
4. You are not Sith. There are only Dark Jedi who are few and far between.
5. No overpowerment- be realistic with your bios, you're not Starkiller.

Dueling Rules
1st death. Might stun the opponent, like a punch or kick to the gut, and so on. Opponent may flee.
2nd death. Might wound or scratch them. Opponent may flee.
3rd death. Might give them a medium sized gash, or a just less than lethal wound. Last chance to flee.
4th death. A deadly wound, such as a dismemberment. Opponent can be knocked unconscious, captured, or shown mercy. If shown mercy, opponent may limp off.
5th death. All of the options of the 4th death apply, except the winner may permanantly kill the loser.

Spectator-Hiding during duels results in automatic capture or death of your character.

*Unapproved and Generic Characters have a smaller tolerance of death*
1st death. Might wound or scratch them. Opponent may flee.
2nd death. A deadly wound, such as a large gash or injury. Opponent may flee.
3rd death. A deadly wound, such as a dismemberment. Opponent can be knocked unconscious, captured, killed, or shown mercy. If shown mercy, opponent may limp off.

*If your character is trespassing on enemy territory, he/she will have the same tolerance of death as an unapproved character.*

Text Rp Kills
During text rp, you are not invincible. If your opponent(s) make a good attack, you cannot magically dodge it. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. You can be killed in text rp at a point where it would make sense. Make sure you also text the damage you make in a duel.

The Color Code!

^1 Red: Used to express anger, rage, or any of the sort.

^2 Green: Used for normal sentences and talking.

^3 Yellow: Used to express an action of the character or an NPC.

^4 Blue: Used for NPC's and characters you are not playing as.

^5 Cyan: Used for talking through the force to another person.

^6 Violet: Used to show that the character is speaking through a commlink, helmet, or any of the sort.

^7 White: Used to express thought

*Rules of which the very act against will have punishment as seen fit by the admins.

Note: Rules are liable to change, or be updated. If they change or become updated whomever updates them will announce the update.
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Rules (Please read)
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